Wednesday, May 25, 2016

sand casting!

 got this kit from gesswein canada. it has everything
you need except the torch.
 i tried melting silver a #7 tip on my smith little torch.
it was taking way too long, so i purchased the big gun
melting tip. that sure did the job.
not bad for my first try. (the moulds are a little cherub
button and an 8mm ball-made 2 balls for a pair of studs)
the cherub is missing his right wing. next time i will
make sure to add venting channels to the tips. 
 cast vs original
 the ball on the left was my first attempt (the metal was not hot enough).
the one on the right is significantly better.
after some clean up.
all shined up. i ended up oxidizing it, but i'm not sure
if i like it so i might end up polishing most of it off.