Friday, December 26, 2008

it's finally over

christmas is my least favorite holiday. in fact i hate it. i could go on for hours as to why i hate christmas, but i won't. there's only one thing that i like about it, and that is the ornaments. especially vintage ones. here's some snowmen i made for earth angels this season.
sculpted and ready for paint
first coat
painting finished, and ready for antiquing
all done
see all 3 finished at earth angels toys


becca jo said...

love, love, love them!
this might help you get in the mood next year!

magda said...

thank you!
i know, i know... believe me when i do put up a tree it features most halloween ornaments ;)

Asylum Art said...

I spray painted a plastic tree black and we cover it in purple lights and hang little eyeballs on it with little skulls, black cats, and little skeletons ! It's ok to hate chrapmas ! We wrap all of our presents in purple, green and black paper ! It creeps people out and we love it ! I love the snowmen and think you did a great job as always !!!!!

Asylum Art said...

What's up ? I have been using some new clays this weekend with bad results !!! AAHHHH I tried a porclein clay that was $$$$ and it cracked up like crazy ! I love the paper clay they sell at michaels but I have to be held hostage as too when they will get more in ! I am going to try and crackle the varnish instead of the paint and see how it goes. My puppet class is being posponed because of all our snow !!!! It's ok I want to go to seattle and and see some old puppet buddies ! Hope to hear from you soon on tips ! Your a doll !!!

magda said...

sorry it's taking me so long. i will have it for you shortly. i've been sick :(
seattle sounds like fun.
happy 2009!

Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

LOVE these guys, especially how their grins turned out! It's great to see in progress > finished work! :)
(I totally hear ya on the Xmas thing! :P )

Anonymous said...

I do like your work! I found a link to your blog from It's a Whimsical Life (, and I'm glad I did!

I also don't like Christmas, though I DO love your snowmen! If I ever DO ge around to decorating for Yule in the future, I plan to use only natural materials (evergreen, sumac), and very little of it.

magda said...

thank you.
okay, now that this xmas thing's over it's time to start getting ready for halloween, right? ;)