Thursday, May 21, 2009

50 artists, 50 photos

one of the exhibitions in this month's CONTACT photography festival showcases 50 toronto-based emerging artists (will i ever actually emerge? it's been almost 10 yrs for god's sake). i'm one of these, and my face is actually in the photo-i know hard to believe as, well, being a vampire and all, it's next to impossible to capture. the show is put on by blogto, photos by Istoica (ie: Jess and Chris who did my shoot - very sweet and professional, and impossibly cute), Sam Javanrouh and Rannie Turingan, and you can check it out at the very cool parkdale gallery called Barbershop. photos from opening at the Barbershop blog here. exhibition runs until may 31.
photo: istoica


LuLu Kellogg said...

Hi Magda~

I found you through Debrina Pratt and also Jen at Earth Angels. I am totally in love with your creations...they are just magical!

I love the picture of Baby Walter...what a little sweetheart :)

Kind Regards,
LuLu Kellogg
Coastal Sisters

magda said...

Hi Lulu!

thaks so much for your lovely note! Wally says hello too :)

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

Magda...hang in ARE emerging..I see the magic in your work and the world will too! Believe it and it WILL happen! You truly have been blessed with a creative gift!
Sending love,

magda said...


Emily [Follow The White Rabbit] said...

That's such a cool photo of you! I think your artwork is phenomenal. It's very unique, appealing, and I love how dark it is. I would gladly buy up all of your pieces if I could! :)

magda said...

thanks so much. that's really sweet. xox