Sunday, February 14, 2010

my thoughts on st. v day:

hope you share the sentiment.


PeregrineBlue said...

humour is great! however, love is still the moving force, the non plus ultra that keeps us alive so not very amused to be honest. having loved to the fullest, I prefer to idealizethan to smeerwith sarcasm and cynicism the greatest enery of all. pardon my honesty and any offense to your void.

Fiona said...

Hi, love and art seem inextricably entwined (as do art and destruction, and love and destruction), in that they are primal urges, and pure. So no, I strongly don't agree; maybe you meant the commercialisation of love, in which case I strongly do agree.

magda said...

i was mostly referring to the commercialization bit. i'm pretty emo myself. it's 'funner' to make fun of the whole thing though. my void is not offended.