Wednesday, December 22, 2010

happy holidays

tim burton 1997
christmas is my least favourite holiday. in fact i can honestly say that i strongly dislike it (hate it actually). i will not go into the reasons why, it would make me sound like an asshole and a party pooper for the most part. so to those of you who enjoy the madness, all the power to you (you're all nuts). however this polaroid by tim burton which i saw as part of his retrospective last year at the moma, suits the season perfectly. i look forward to seeing it again here in toronto, where the exhibit re-opened recently at tiff.


Sea Witch said...

Love this post and Tim's photo. I grew up with good memories of Christmas because of our crazy family, sadly for me the holiday has become one of economics. I honor and understand why you hate the holiday as my sister and I often say the same. Glad I just found your blog and look forward to your posts. Sea Witch

magda said...

thank you for your lovely note, SW :)