Saturday, August 23, 2014

still here

updating my blog or website is as unnatural to me as putting needles in my eyes. however, i'm going to try harder as i have recently acquired a laptop and can blob (yes blob) from hipster cafes around toronto while making obnoxious judgemental comments about people in said cafes. win, win. 
this post is a summary of my summer so far. kinda makes it look like i actually do more than watch netflix on a nightly basis. yay for being able to create your ideal life online.
new dudes in the works
block printing
fun sewing classes at the workroom
needle felting (aka finger torture)
after an 8 yr break my jewellers bench is set up again
the funereal quilt project (that's what i'm calling it
because i started it 15 yrs ago,
and i figure at this rate it'll be done by the time i'm
on my death bed-as long as i live to be 175...)
more fun sewing classes at the workroom
with Laurie (her pouch is the one on the right,
love that fabric)
managed a trip to Montreal last month. 
saw a mind blowing exhibition by the Chapman Brothers
at the DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art.
yellow tote by Mark Laliberte.
and finally here i am trying to figure out the above mentioned laptop..
it's not going well due to my allergy to technology. computer technology anyway.

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